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Christ Church Cranbrook Wedding Inquiry Form

We are delighted you are getting married!  Christ Church Cranbrook  welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations to be married at the church by one of our clergy.  One spouse-to-be must be baptized Christian (we can baptize you, too!).  All couples will have premarital counseling with a member of our clergy.  All marriages are presided over by a Christ Church Cranbrook clergy person.

You do not need to be a member of the church to be married at Christ Church Cranbrook.  Fees average at $5400 for members and $7700 for non-members.  Please complete this form with all of the required information and we will get back to you.

If you have any preliminary questions, please contact Suzy Bai, Admin Assistant to the Rector (

Fees For Wedding Services at Christ Church Cranbrook (additional costs may apply):

For members (includes immediate family or grandchildren of members) fees average at $5400. To become a member, email Suzy Bai, at

For non-members, fees average about $7,700.

Spouse-To-Be 1*
Address of Spouse-To-Be 1*
Marital Status of Spouse-To-Be 1*
Has Spouse-To-Be 1 been baptized?*
Spouse-To-Be 2*
Same Address as Spouse-To-Be 1?*
Address of Spouse-To-Be 2*
Marital Status of Spouse-To-Be 2*
Has Spouse-To-Be 2 been baptized?*
Membership Status at Christ Church Cranbrook*
Would you like to offer Holy Eucharist? (All are welcome to receive Eucharist in our church.)*
I have seen and understand the cost for having our wedding at Christ Church Cranbrook.*
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